Jeremy Corbyn is "in denial" at the enormity of his rejection, says Dame Margaret Hodge

16 December 2019, 09:44

Jeremy Corbyn is "in denial" at the enormity of his rejection, says Dame Margaret Hodge and revealed to Nick Ferrari why she thinks Labour had the worst election result since 1935.

"What cost the party so dear last week, Dame Margaret?" asked Nick.

"Well we had the worst election result since 1935 and I think the comments from Jeremy Corbyn and the people around him show that they're in denial as to the enormity and the depth of the rejection," Dame Margaret said, and acknowledged that Brexit and the media would have played a role, but media is the "reality of life."

She continued, "The real rejection was of a party that didn't have credible economics, nobody believed - we were scattering a confetti of promises all over the place." The Labour MP said that while no one would say no to free broadband, "nobody believed that we could deliver it without paying."

"Nobody trusted Labour on national security," she said, "there was a feeling there that Jeremy Corbyn and everything he stood for meant that the top person in Britain, our Prime Minister, should not be trusted with our security."

She finally cited the "nastiness in the Labour party" and shared that she was a victim of anti-Semitism during the time Mr Corbyn has been leader.

Dame Margaret Hodge said the party didn&squot;t have "credible economics"
Dame Margaret Hodge said the party didn't have "credible economics". Picture: PA

Nick asked whether supporters of Jeremy Corbyn will accept that the message is lost or whether they would fight on.

Dame Margaret Hodge said this remained to be seen but was is crucial is that the next Labour leader must provide "real strong opposition to the government."

"I don't think we've provided that over the last three or four years either," she said, "the purpose of politics and the purpose of political parties is to gain power so that you can implement your programme. We were founded to work in the interests of those who are most deprived and most need the support of the state and the government to equalise their life chances.

"This is the very people that rejected us in our northern heartland," she said and emphasised the party need to rebuild trust and reconnect with their roots.

"Who is the future?" asked Nick to which Dame Hodge said she'd like to see a woman leading the Labour party because there are "a lot of incredibly able women".

"I think it's important in a way because democracy is about representing everybody in our community."