Knife Crime: Nick Ferrari Gets Tough With Teenager Over London Violence

8 November 2018, 17:54 | Updated: 8 November 2018, 18:07

Nick Ferrari had some tough words for this 17-year-old who blamed London’s knife crime epidemic on “adults not understanding youngsters”.

Theo said young people had not been consulted over Section 60, which allows officers to search anyone without “reasonable grounds”.

Nick, however, hit back saying that’s the point - in what turned into a fiery debate.

“We’ve got to do something to stop young people stabbing to death other young people,” the LBC presenter said.

“That’s not sitting around having a chat with you, that’s not inviting you in to have a nice cup of fizzy water and a Foxes glacier mint - this is coming up and owning the streets.

“If you don’t like it fine, get out of my way because I’m going to make it work.”

The row was sparked as London was rocked with a spate stabbings in the last week, including five deaths.

The Met Police is being urged by the Home Secretary to make full use of its powers, including stop and search.