Labour Will Hold Confidence Vote Against Boris Johnson Before Conference: Barry Gardiner

24 July 2019, 10:48 | Updated: 24 July 2019, 10:56

Labour bring a motion of no confidence against Boris Johnson before the Party Conference season, Barry Gardiner told LBC.

Parliament rises midway through September for the Liberal Democrat conference, so the vote would have to take place in the first two weeks of September.

Jeremy Corbyn has previously said of the timing: "It will be an interesting surprise for all of you. We will do a motion of no confidence at a time of our choosing."

Nick Ferrari asked Barry Gardiner for more details on the timing, but Mr Gardiner responded: "That would be the wrong thing to do!"

Nick put to him that the vote would have to be before the conference season to ensure they had time before Brexit on 31st October.

He Gardiner then agreed: "Indeed. And that's why we need to work very closely with those Conservative MPs who have said they will do the right thing for the country.

"We have to do it at a time when we know it will succeed. In all events, we must stop going on to a no deal."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Barry Gardiner
Nick Ferrari spoke to Barry Gardiner. Picture: LBC

Mr Gardiner refused to mention those Tory MPs Labour are speaking with, but he did say: "There are a number - you will know their names - who have already said they are prepared to do this.

"We need to know that that verbal commitment will actually be translated into them walking through the correct lobby at the time."