Vince Cable Admits Brexit Might Not Happen

2 January 2018, 08:10 | Updated: 2 January 2018, 09:22

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable told LBC there is a chance that they can overturn the Brexit vote.

Sir Vince told Nick Ferrari he is planning to work with peers from other parties to form an anti-Brexit rebellion in the House of Lords.

And he admitted there was a chance that Britain may never leave the European Union.

Sir Vince Cable
Sir Vince Cable. Picture: LBC

When asked if he could see a time that Brexit didn't go ahead, he said: "I think it's possible that it might not.

"David Davis at a meeting a few days ago let slip that the government realises that this is still quite possible."

Discussing his plan to derail Brexit, he added: "We'll work with Labour peers and indeed some Conservatives. There are a lot of independently-minded Tories, you heard Michael Heseltine over the Christmas period. We want to work with them.

"The House of Lords has limited powers, they can at the end of the day be overridden. But they exist in order to exercise a check on abuse of powers by the executive and they should use it."

Nick put it to Sir Vince that he was a regular critic of the House of Lords, so wondered how it looked that he was now trying to use its powers for his own means.

But the Lib Dem leader insisted he isn't a fan and wants reform, but it currently exists, so he would use the powers it has.

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