Nick Ferrari Tells Lib Dem MP Parliament Is Split Because Of Them

21 October 2019, 07:51

When this Liberal Democrat MP demanded a second referendum on Brexit because parliament is split, Nick Ferrari told her it was split BECAUSE of them.

Sarah Wollaston said she backed Keir Starmer's plan to back Boris Johnson's Brexit deal if it is put to a second referendum.

She insisted that parliament was split and that is the best way forward, saying:

"The Prime Minister wants MPs to change their minds. He keeps putting the question back to MPs.

"What he hasn't allowed for is that other people change their minds. He should put it to the people because there is gridlock in parliament.

Nick Ferrari challenged Sarah Wollaston over a second referendum
Nick Ferrari challenged Sarah Wollaston over a second referendum. Picture: PA / LBC

But Nick Ferrari told her: "Yes, the gridlock created by you and some of your colleagues, of course. The country was pretty determined."

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