Nick Ferrari Rows With Liberal Caller Who Defends Justin Trudeau's Blackface

20 September 2019, 10:09 | Updated: 20 September 2019, 10:12

Nick Ferrari took this caller to task for defending Justin Trudeau's blackface photo, saying it's fine because he has apologised.

The Canadian Prime Minister has apologised for a second time after photos emerged of him dressing up with his face painted and he said he can't be certain how many times he wore black or brownface in the past.

Aaron and Sharn called into Nick Ferrari's show to defend Mr Trudeau, saying the press delight in bringing down powerful people and insisting he has since apologised.

But Nick told them: "Can you imagine if pictures had emerged of Donald Trump [with blackface]. What would have happened then?

"You wouldn't be saying 'he's learned from his mistakes'."

Sharn insisted: "We know what he is..."

Nick Ferrari had a row with two callers over Justin Trudeau's blackface
Nick Ferrari had a row with two callers over Justin Trudeau's blackface. Picture: LBC / TIME

And that make Nick interrupt and say: "Oh. He's never - pardon my expression - blacked up, to my knowledge. But you say 'we know what he is'. But Trudeau can do it so many times, he cannot even remember.

"You liberals are in such a tough place on this one."

Aaron hit back: "It's all about contrition. Donald Trump, we know he's a racist."

But Nick asked him: "Hang on, so I could - for the purposes of debate - dress as a black and white minstrel and then say I'm very sorry and I'd be forgiven? Good lord!"

It was a very fiery exchange - watch it at the top of the page.