Listener thanks Sir Keir Starmer for raising his plight at PMQs

12 November 2020, 08:16

Self-employed photographer Chris Scott tells LBC he was disappointed with the response to his question from Boris Johnson, which was raised by the Labour leader at Prime Minister's Questions.

The Dundee based photographer originally called in to speak to the Labour leader during his monthly Call Keir show and raised the plight of the three million in the UK excluded from the Government's Covid financial support scheme.

Just one day on from having his question raised with the Prime Minister at PMQs, Chris spoke to Nick Ferrari.

Chris set out the background to his business and how the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have impacted on his trade.

He told LBC he first heard his question had been raised in the House of Commons when a friend sent him a text message to say he'd been "on PMQs."

He said while he was " a little bit surprised," he was "very grateful to Sir Keir for bringing it up."

When Nick asked him what he made of the Prime Minister's response, Chris said the answer was "complete fuffle."

"To just blow it off like that was just sad," Chris said.

Nick Ferrari pledged he would not let this cause go and he would continue to fight for those who are excluded.

On Monday Chris told Sir Keir he was "one of the three million excluded" and he had not been able to access financial support from the Government.

"Our particular industry has been devastated," the caller told LBC adding that "three million of us have fallen through the cracks."

Around three million taxpayers are reportedly excluded from the UK Government Covid-19 financial support schemes.

The caller asked the Labour leader if he would speak to Chancellor Rishi Sunak to "try and get something for us, our businesses are falling and crashing each day."

"Chris, I'll give you that commitment," was Sir Keir's instant response.

Sir Keir Starmer highlighted the plight of the self-employed photographer, asking Boris Johnson: "What would the Prime Minister say to Chris and millions like him who are desperately waiting for the Chancellor to address this injustice?"

In response to the Labour leader's question, Boris Johnson replied in the Commons: "What I'd say to Chris and (Sir Keir) and to the whole country is the best way to get his job working again, the best way to get this country back on its feet, is to continue on the path that we are driving the virus down.

"He said science has given the country "two big boxing gloves" via a possible vaccine and testing, adding: "Neither of them is capable of delivering a knock out blow on its own.

"That's why this country needs to continue to work hard to keep discipline and to observe the measures we've put in."