Nick Ferrari asks Matt Hancock: Did you neglect NHS staff?

30 July 2020, 14:33

By Adrian Sherling

Matt Hancock tells LBC the government are going to look after frontline NHS staff better. Nick Ferrari responded: "So you neglected them before?"

The Health Secretary was launching a new plan to treat the staff better within the NHS and spoke to Nick Ferrari At Breakfast.

He said:" "I'm really really pleased that we're able to publish the NHS People Plan today. It's all about how we can better support people who are on the frontline of the NHS.

"There are so many things that we can do and there's a huge amount that we learnt from the pandemic when the pressure was really on and NHS staff really stepped up."

Nick then asked him: "Is it fair to say then, Secretary of State, that perhaps those who we were applauding in the NHS and care sector, we weren't actually looking after them previously this year?"

Mr Hancock said: "It's definitely true that we are looking after them more."

Which led Nick to say: "So you neglected them then!

Nick Ferrari spoke to Matt Hancock about the People Plan
Nick Ferrari spoke to Matt Hancock about the People Plan. Picture: LBC / PA

When the Health Secretary disagreed, Nick went on: "If we need to revise it, it wasn't right at the start. So you allowed them to go into the pandemic without what they required."

But Mr Hancock insisted: "When I became Health Secretary, I thought there were many, many things that we could do to make it a better experience working within the NHS and so people are more empowered."

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