Boris Johnson has received oxygen, but is not on a ventilator, Michael Gove tells LBC

7 April 2020, 08:06 | Updated: 7 April 2020, 12:32

By Adrian Sherling

Michael Gove has given LBC an update on Boris Johnson's health after the Prime Minister was moved to Intensive Care last night.

It is understood Boris Johnson is conscious, and was transferred to the ICU at St Thomas' as a precaution as he battles coronavirus.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster revealed the Prime Minister had received oxygen in Intensive Care, but had not yet been put on a ventilator.

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Nick Ferrari spoke to Michael Gove about the condition of the Prime Minister
Nick Ferrari spoke to Michael Gove about the condition of the Prime Minister. Picture: LBC / PA

He said: "The Prime Minister was taken into Intensive Care last night. His condition worsened during the course of the afternoon yesterday and the medical advice was for him to go into Intensive Care at 7pm.

"It was a deterioration because the Prime Minister's medical team thought it was appropriate for him to be in Intensive Care so that he could be appropriately monitored and supported in the right conditions.

"He's not on a ventilator. The Prime Minister has received some oxygen support and he's being kept under close supervision. Being in Intensive Care, if there is further support he needs, that care is there."

He added that Number 10 will release a statement when the Prime Minister's condition changes.

A police officer stands guard outside St Thomas' Hospital
A police officer stands guard outside St Thomas' Hospital. Picture: PA

Nick asked what the Cabinet will do to ensure that Mr Johnson rests to ensure he recovers quickly from Covid-19.

Mr Gove added: "The Prime Minister, I know, will follow the medical advice. We will support the Prime Minister at every turn, implementing the plan that he set out.

"We hope and pray that he enjoys a quick recovery.

"The best way of making sure that the work of the government goes on is to follow the instructions that he laid out and we know that the top medical team who are attending him will provide him with all the advice that he needs.

"And by following that advice, I'm sure the Prime Minister will be restored to full health."