Mum might declare son as non-binary so he can keep his long hair at school

16 January 2020, 07:22

Farouk James is being told to cut his hair to go to secondary school
Farouk James is being told to cut his hair to go to secondary school. Picture: PA

A mum revealed may have to declare eight-year-old son as legally non-binary so he doesn't have to cut off his long hair.

Farouk James is a child model and has appeared on catwalks across the world, thanks to his long curly locks.

But the family's top three choices for secondary school all ban boys from having long hair, something which his mum Bonnie has branded ‘discriminatory’.

The 41-year-old told “It’s not just for him it’s for lots of boys. I’ve had parents calling me saying how traumatising it’s been for their child who’s been forced to cut their hair in Year 6.

"Some of the children are just devastated. They’re going into secondary school. It’s enough pressure as it is.”

After contacting the potential schools and becoming frustrated with their responses, Bonnie admitted she is considering drastic action.

She added: "Applying for a mixed school, I may just put him down as non-binary.

"I have been trying to think of loopholes, and think how can I get him in."

Nick Ferrari is asking: whose side are you on? Do you think he should be allowed to have long hair at school?