Nick Ferrari Dismantles Suggestion Of Giving Council Houses To Returning Jihadis

30 October 2017, 14:48

“This is incredible isn’t it?" Nick had a strong view about giving Isis soldiers priority for council homes.

Under pilot schemes, police and local authorities would assess extremists formerly investigated as suspects by the security services. The aim would be to determine what threat they pose and what it would take to help reintegrate them.

Proposals being considered by the government could see Islamic State fighters who return from the war zone in the Middle East offered council houses, helped to find a job and given counselling.

Nick said: “This is incredible isn’t it?

“So you could be listening to this as people who’ve paid all your taxes and your parents before them and your grandparents and your kids cannot get on that council house waiting list and, they’re good kids and they can’t even get a job.

“But, if they want to go over and take up guns for Isis in Raqqa and I don’t know set fire to the odd person in a cage … come back we’ll go straight to the top of the council list and we’ll give you education and we’ll help you find a job.

“Seriously?”, he questioned.