Nick Ferrari ties caller in knots over Boris Johnson's "racist" policies

19 February 2020, 16:55 | Updated: 19 February 2020, 16:58

Nick Ferrari clashed with a caller who defended rapper Dave's comments on Boris Johnson's "racism'.

Following the rappers lyrics at The Brit Awards on Tuesday night - he called the PM a "real racist" - Moses from Westminster said: "I definitely 100% would say that Dave's comments are completely and entirely justifiable."

However, when the caller mentioned that Mr. Johnson's policies were "racist", Nick challenged him to present some examples - and the conversation became very uncomfortable, very quickly as the caller attempted to avoid the question.

Moses began by saying: "We do have a Prime Minister who is utterly racist in ,one, who he is as a person in his views and in his own opinions and how he voices them, but also in policies that he pushes and, and essentially put forward."

Nick asked him to identify the polices he was referring to but Moses asked to carry on with his point.

The caller continued: "Before we come back to that, the one thing I have to say with the previous call and Nick, and this is really what pushed me to want to call.

"Yeah, I think as a country, one of the biggest issues that we face, and we have is the fact that we never deal with people in power when they come up to the most the most sexist, misogynistic and racist individuals like Boris Johnson."

Boris Johnson's Post-Brexit Cabinet Reshuffle
Boris Johnson's Post-Brexit Cabinet Reshuffle. Picture: Getty

Again Nick asked: "What are the policies?"

Moses, before continuing his speech, replied: "Before we come to policies, I just want to comment on what I have to say. He is a very racist man."

Nick interrupted: "Now, because you're throwing this word around. And I need to say not least for the perfect balance, I wholly and totally disagree with you. I think his language has been well-visited.

"He said he regrets any offence that was caused, but he believes that people should be able to express robust views, but he wouldn't want to cause people upset.

"Let's come to what you said [about] racist policies. I need to hear some of those numbers as if you would please?"

Moses refused, causing a back and forth between the two.

Dave at The BRIT Awards 2020 - Show
Dave at The BRIT Awards 2020 - Show. Picture: Getty

Nick said: "No, no, no, I decide the running order of how this works."

Moses hit back adding: "But the reason why I called him wasn't really to specify the policy."

Later in the conversation, Nick shut down the phone call and concluded: "I'm gonna have to move on Moses because I've asked countless times for policy, and you haven't got one.

"So I really appreciate the call Moses. Unless you can come up with a policy now. And there isn't a policy. Okay. So let's just let's just press pause, take a deep breath. He's used language that I would not seek to defend for a moment. Got it?"