Nick Ferrari calls it "insanity" to blame the media for Caroline Flack's death

17 February 2020, 08:28 | Updated: 17 February 2020, 09:25

Nick Ferrari brands it "insanity" to blame the media for Caroline Flack's death after petitions were started in her name to introduce stricter laws around press conduct.

There are currently two petitions; one, created by Dennis Patton, has almost 500,000 and actor Stephanie Davis has a petition with close to 300,000 signatures.

"It would make it a criminal defence, not dissimilar to corporate manslaughter, for the British media to knowingly and relentlessly bully a person whether they be in the public eye or not up to the point that they take their own life."

Nick acknowledged the tragedy of someone taking their life, and so young, and asked, "What was the bullying?"

"The police were called because it would appear, it is reported, she hit her boyfriend around the head with a lamp and there was a lot of blood. Sadly we'll never know the truth now," said Nick. He continued that of course people would want to know if a star had done this.

"Get this in context. It's not the media," he said, "I don't say this with any blame. This young woman understandably sought to expand her fame. She quite rightly did loads of interviews, posed for loads of pictures... that's what you do.

"Sadly her emotional health was not strong enough to take it. That is the tragedy."

He continued, "This insanity that we would have Caroline's Law that would mean a crime akin to corporate manslaughter...where was the bullying?"