Nick Ferrari challenges Baroness Nicky Morgan on her confidence in Dominic Raab

7 April 2020, 19:37

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari challenged former Cabinet Minister Nicky Morgan on her confidence in Dominic Raab leading the country, having worked alongside him for eight months.

Former Cabinet Minister Nicky Morgan said it will be "very difficult" for the Prime Minister to take a backseat however it is essential he prioritises his health.

This is after Boris Johnson was moved to the intensive care unit at St Thomas' Hospital - a spokesperson has confirmed he is stable and not in need of a ventilator to breathe.

"Of course it's not easy...he is a larger than life character, he throws himself into everything," said Ms Morgan, "he will feel very strongly that he wants to look after the country and get the country through this."

Nick suggested he may have worsened been moved to ICU due to his inability to stop working - Ms Morgan would not speculate.

The Foreign Secretary looked like a "stunned mullet" after taking over and deputising for Boris Johnson, said Nick, and asked the Baroness whether Dominic Raab is the "man to lead the country."

"Of course he is because the Prime Minister has asked him to deputise," said Ms Morgan, to which Nick replied that just because someone is asked doesn't mean they're up to the task.

"The Prime Minister would not have asked Dominic Raab to do this, particularly at this moment of crisis, if he did not have confidence in Dominic," she said, sharing that she sat alongside Mr Raab for eight months in Cabinet and believes is capable.

The Baroness reminded Nick that the Cabinet is a team: "It's a team effort, that is what Cabinet is all about."