Nick Ferrari challenges Education Secretary over Dominic Cummings allegations

25 May 2020, 09:30 | Updated: 25 May 2020, 09:36

Nick Ferrari challenged Education Secretary Gavin Williamson over the allegations made against Dominic Cummings.

The Prime Minister defended senior aide Dominic Cummings in Sunday's press briefing amid reports he flouted lockdown rules repeatedly.

Boris Johnson has sat down with Dominic Cummings and gone through this incidence in great detail and is assured his senior aide "at no point broke the law", Education Secretary Gavin Williamson toid Nick Ferrari.

"The Prime Minister went out on to the podium last night, made that clear, took the questions and Dominic Cummings has the Prime Minister's full confidence," Mr Williamson said.

Nick questioned whether Dominic Cummings would have to go if the police were to get involved and it was found he had broken the law.

Mr Williamson responded: "The Prime Minister has been given an absolute assurance that Dominic Cummings has not either broken the rules or the law so I can't envisage that is something that would ever happen."

Gavin Williamson told LBC "at no point" did Dominic Cummings break the law
Gavin Williamson told LBC "at no point" did Dominic Cummings break the law. Picture: LBC/PA

He said Boris Johnson is largely focused on bringing the country out of lockdown, referencing the announcement in Sunday's press conference to go ahead with the plan to reopen schools on June 1.

Nick asked if Mr Williamson is concerned that a number of Conservative MPs are calling for the senior aide to resign.

He responded: "The Prime Minister always listens to colleagues...and takes time to listen to the public as well. But equally the Prime Minister has seen allegations made by a close senior adviser, he's put those allegations to that close senior adviser and Dominic Cummings has given him that reassurance about this.

"That's a sign of someone who sticks by the people he works with and also a sign of someone who, when seriously allegations are made, he immediately addresses them and takes them to the individual and demand an explanation."

Nick questioned why LBC listeners should adhere to lockdown after this event.

"There's an expectation that everyone follows the rules and Dominic Cummings has assured the Prime Minister that every stage he followed the rules," said Mr Williamson, "we are very much focused on defeating the virus and bringing people out of lockdown.

"We all want to get Britain back on its feet and that's the whole focus of what the Prime Minister is doing."