Nick Ferrari Tells Chuka Umunna To "Let It Go" On People's Vote

18 October 2019, 09:34

Nick Ferrari challenged Liberal Democrat MP Chuka Umunna on why he feels he knows better on Brexit than British business.

The Lib Dems have said they will vote against Boris Johnson's deal and Nick accused them of doing anything to delay and frustrate Brexit.

He told Mr Umunna that the CBI, IMF and World Bank have backed the Prime Minister's agreement, along with 66% of Britons in a ComRes poll.

So when he insisted he would still be voting against it, Nick asked him: "With all that in one corner, how come you know better than all of those?"

Mr Umunna responded: "Just look at all the people who look after the people who work in those businesses, the country's trade unions. Frances O'Grady, the TUC General Secretary, has said that this will sell workers' rights down the river.

"And what I do know is that the overwhelming majority of businesses want us to stay in the Single Market and the Customs Union."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Chuka Umunna
Nick Ferrari spoke to Chuka Umunna. Picture: LBC

The Lib Dem MP then confirmed that the party will not be bringing an amendment to secure a second referendum, so Nick asked if it's because they know they'll lose.

The MP insisted: "We've put down an amendment to the Queen's Speech that is going to be voted on Monday or Tuesday to provide for that confirmatory People's Vote that you've referred to.

"We're just talking a matter of a couple of days here.

"Over the last few months in the House of Commons, the vote on the People's Vote has come out top."

But Nick told him: "Let it go, mate. You're a decent fellow, I really like you. But let it go."

A chuckling Chuka responded: "I'll tell you why I won't let it go. There are more than 2million young people who can now vote who didn't have a vote in 2016.

"Those guys fundamentally oppose this and they're the ones that have to live with this for the longest."