Nick Ferrari Ends Up Mediating In Dispute Between Husband And Wife

20 August 2018, 09:39 | Updated: 20 August 2018, 09:52

When Nick Ferrari took this call about speeding fines, he didn't expect to be in the middle of a row between a husband and wife!

But that's exactly what happened as he spoke to Roger in Sevenoaks during his phone-in about new proposals to fine motorists for driving one mph over the speed limit.

Roger told the funny story of how his wife managed to avoid getting a speeding fine.

At the end of his call, he suddenly said: "She'll be listening to his on the way to work, so if I could just say sorry because we had a row last night."

Nick Ferrari enjoyed his conversation with Roger
Nick Ferrari enjoyed his conversation with Roger. Picture: LBC

Nick was intrigued and asked about exactly what the argument had been about - and ended up refereeing over who was to blame.

Listen at the top of the page to hear the comical call.