Nick Ferrari's furious row with LGBT lessons protest leader who said judge got ruling wrong

27 November 2019, 11:06

Nick Ferrari was involved in a furious row with one of the leaders of the protests against LGBT lessons in school during a tense exchange live on air.

A High Court judge ruled in favour of an exclusion zone to remain around Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham, which has been targeted by protesters for months over their No Outsiders lessons featuring LGBT themes.

Mr Justice Warby said the protests had an averse effect on pupils, local residents and staff, leading to 21 teachers being treated for stress.

Nick spoke to one of the protest's leaders Shakeel Afsal and things got tense when Mr Afsal dismissed a number of the judge's rulings.

Nick Ferrari rowed with Shakeel Afsar over the LGBT protests
Nick Ferrari rowed with Shakeel Afsar over the LGBT protests. Picture: PA / LBC

Afterwards, listeners took to social media to praise Nick for the interview.

Listen to the fiery exchange at the top of the page.