Nick Takes Home Secretary To Task Over Foreign Workers 'Attack'

5 October 2016, 08:52 | Updated: 5 October 2016, 09:53

Nick Ferrari took Home Secretary Amber Rudd to task for her "attack" on foreign workers.

Newspaper reports suggest that companies will have to list their foreign workers - and that has led to a backlash on social media.

Speaking to the Home Secretary live from the Conservative Party Conference, Nick asked her to explain her policy.

She said: "I don't see it as an attack at all.

"What we're trying to do here is have a consultation with business in which we're asking them whether they are doing enough to train people locally, rather than automatically recruiting from abroad.

"This is going to be a consultation with business. I just asking them to say 'Are they doing enough?' We still have one in ten 18- 24-year-olds unemployed. What more can we do to get businesses to recruit locally?"

"My consultation that I've announced here today is for non-EU migration because that's an area where we can move immediately and bring numbers down, which is something we want to do.

"As far as EU migration is concerned, we said we're going to look at all sorts of options in order to make the proposals that are going to work best for the British economy."