"Just Stop With This!" Nick Loses Patience With Caller Denying Brexit

1 September 2017, 09:32 | Updated: 1 September 2017, 09:40

Ben called Nick to argue that there should be another vote on Brexit. After a year of this, Nick had enough with the argument.

“Just stop with this,” Nick insisted. “The decision has been taken. Rightly or wrongly we have to leave the EU.”

The caller argued, like many have since June 23 last year, that people cast their votes based on false information.

“There was misinformation on both sides,” Nick said. “We could go back to the dawn of bloody time, it’s not going to make a difference.

“The war is over we now need to prosecute the best peace.”

Ben used an analogy to try and convince Nick that mistakes get made and changes should be allowed.

“Thank God you’re not part of the parole board,” Ben said. “Innocent people would remain in jail.”

Nick made the point that there's a difference between facts and opinion.

“This isn’t like a fact of whether someone was found with a crowbar having just broken out of some old boy’s house with his strimmer. You are offering opinions.” Nick suggested.

Ben was not convinced though. He was adamant that the country should be offered a chance to reverse last year’s result.

“Why would it hurt to have an opinion poll to see how people feel?” Ben wondered.

“Please. How many people do you have to consult before you go to the toilet?” Nick asked

Ultimately though, everything Ben said came down to one thing; his opinion.

“You claim we were misadvised. This is it, that’s your interpretation of it," Nick said. “Others would claim it was crystal clear and the best thing Britain’s ever done.”