Nick Ferrari Pinpoints Why The EU Backs Spain In The Catalonia Crisis

5 October 2017, 13:24

During his brutal assessment of the European Union, Nick Ferrari sums up why Brussels is so reluctant to condemn the violence carried out by police during the Catalonia crisis.

On Wednesday, the European Commission declared the Spanish government’s “proportionate use of force” was necessary to uphold the law.

More than 850 people were injured on Sunday when riot police deployed batons and rubber bullets in a bid to stop voters taking part in an independence referendum, deemed illegal by the government in Madrid.

“The regional government of Catalonia has chosen to ignore the law in organising the referendum of last Sunday,” the Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said.

But, Nick pinpointed the reason the bloc will not call out the harsh treatment of Catalonians.

The reason why? Because an independent Catalonia could ultimately lead to the collapse of the EU.

Nick said: “They are absolutely panic-stricken that if Catalonia spins out of Spain the Basque region will spin out of Spain, Bavaria will spin out of Germany, Silesia will spin out of Poland - you haven’t got an EU anymore.

“It is shameful they take all that money and they’ve not said anything about European Union citizens being clubbed, literally clubbed, by police officers.”