Nick Ferrari predicts HS2 will be scrapped

24 January 2020, 12:09 | Updated: 24 January 2020, 12:11

After a damning HS2 report, Nick Ferrari predicts that the high-speed rail project might be scrapped and the government are softening us up to it.

A watchdog report has found that the government 'underestimated' the scope of the project and while it was predicted to cost £56 billion in 2015 the project could reach a total of £106 billion.

"Another day another story knocking HS2," said Nick, "am I the only person that gets the sense that some of these are being orchestrated by Number 10 or the government?

"They are, I would suggest, preparing the mood music for a fairly radical announcement about the fate of HS2."

Nick said the "most ridiculous" aspect of the high-speed rail project is that they stop it at Birmingham which is an insult to the north especially after the government welcomed their "borrowed votes."

Nick reviewed the report, "It's running wildly over budget, will not deliver good value for money."

Nick added that Mark Thurston, who presides over this "appalling, disastrous, shambolic, hideously late and hopelessly over-budget" project gets £625,000 per annum.

The report, conducted by the National Audit Office, concluded, "The Department, HS2 Ltd and government more widely underestimated the task, leading to optimistic estimates being used to set budgets and delivery dates."