Nick Ferrari Rips Into The Government For William Hill Closures

5 July 2019, 08:51

Nick Ferrari had strong words for the government over the closure of 700 William Hill stores which ended up with him branding them as "bloody incompetent."

After William Hill announced they plan to close 700 high street betting shops, with around 4,500 job losses, Nick Ferrari wanted to know "where's the government?"

Nick Ferrari's impassioned monologue left listeners with no doubt where he stood on the issue.

Nick wanted to know why the government haven't "stepped in like they did with British Steel."

"Oh, might that be because it's the government that's created this?" Nick said.

He said: "Of course there's problem gambling, but you don't think four and a half thousand people waking up today who haven't got a job, you don't think that might give them some emotional problems?

"Oh, but that's alright because don't worry we've shut down high streets, today William Hill, tomorrow Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Corals, they'll all have to do it.

"And as I've said so many times, £100 was criminally high. £2 is cripplingly low. 4,500 jobs gone today, there will be more."

Nick said that nobody in the government was saying because "even these clueless dolts realise it is their doing."

He ended his monologue branding the whole situation as "shameful" and the government as "bloody incompetent."

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