Nick Ferrari Schools Man Leading Protests Against LGBT Lessons

4 July 2019, 08:00

Nick Ferrari told the man leading the protests against LGBT lessons in a school in Birmingham that lessons which teach children to have respect for everyone else can only be a good thing.

There have been protests outside Anderton Park School after the headmaster introduced No Outsiders lessons to educate the pupils about LGBT and other equality issues.

Those protests insisted that the lessons were "teaching the gay lifestyle" and the school have been forced to change the programme after consultation with parents.

Amir Ahmed is leading the protests and his interview with Nick Ferrari got VERY fiery.

When Nick asked him how he would like children to learn about LGBT issues, Mr Ahmed said: "Why do you need to teach them about LGBT? People don't need to learn about Islam to not be Islamophobic."

Nick responded: "Do you not realise that for some children it may be very difficult when they are of primary school age and at their home, they may have two mums and they get bullied as a result."

Nick Ferrari had a row with the leader of the anti-LGBT lesson protests
Nick Ferrari had a row with the leader of the anti-LGBT lesson protests. Picture: PA / LBC

Mr Ahmed suggested that if there was such a child, the issues around bullying can be dealt with by the individual school.

But Nick told him: "Isn't it easier just to teach everyone to have respect for everyone else?"

The full interview was very revealing - watch it in full at the top of the page.