Nick Ferrari Shuts Down This Question-Dodging Health Campaigner

25 April 2018, 13:08

When Nick Ferrari asked why perfectly healthy people needed to be forced off junk food, this obesity campaigner repeatedly tried to dodge the question.

The main opposition parties have written to Theresa May calling for a ban on buy-one-get-one-free offers on junk food.

Other suggestions to tackle obesity in the UK include stopping celebrities from endorsing unhealthy food.

Nick Ferrari Grinning
Picture: LBC

When asked if Gary Lineker should be banned from selling crisps, Cancer UK's Malcolm Clark said: "Why should he be able to advertise crisps to children?"

Nick responded: "Adults eat crisps too Mr Clark. Why should Gary Lineker not be allowed to advertise crisps?"

It was at this point Mr Clarke finally said what he really thought.

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