Nick Ferrari Tells Brexit Secretary To Stop Blaming Chaos On Labour

27 February 2019, 08:39

When the Brexit Secretary accused Labour of having a shambolic policy on leaving the EU, Nick Ferrari reminded him that the Conservatives are just as bad.

Stephen Barclay was speaking to LBC to encourage MPs to vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal, when he moved on to Labour's promise of backing a second referendum.

He said: "I stood on a manifesto, as did all the members of the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, to honour the manifesto.

"I think there are questions for the Labour Party this morning, given that they have now decided to go back on their manifesto and support a second referendum.

"I think many of your listeners who voted Labour will feel let down and I think it raises real questions for Labour."

Nick reminded him: "There are some questions for Conservatives on the handling of this.

"You can hardly describe yourself as a merry band, can you?"

Mr Barclay then talked about business, Nick went on: "If you were a business, they've got their heads in their hands, saying 'Just make a decision. Do it or get off the pot' if you pardon the colloquialism."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay
Nick Ferrari spoke to Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay. Picture: PA / LBC

Later in the interview, the Brexit Secretary added: "The question for Jeremy Corbyn is having promised he would also do the same as the Prime Minister and honour this result, he's gone back on his word."

Nick told him: "I understand you are keen to keep quoting the position of Labour and of Jeremy Corbyn, but I wonder if I can quote to you from the Conservative manifesto, which I know is always by the side of your bed.

"It spoke of 'a smooth and orderly departure from the European Union'.

"How smooth and orderly have the Conservatives managed this?"

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