Nick Ferrari's brutal question leaves Chuka Umunna in hysterics

4 December 2019, 12:02

Nick Ferrari asked Chuka Umunna how he managed to do to the Liberal Democrats what he did to Change UK - and it left the candidate in hysterics.

Mr Umunna left Labour to join the Independent Group for Change, but as they struggled he defected to the Liberal Democrats, who he is standing for in this month's general election.

And Nick asked him a question as tough as any he has ever asked.

Nick Ferrari left Chuka Umunna in hysterics
Nick Ferrari left Chuka Umunna in hysterics. Picture: LBC / PA

Speaking live on his LBC show, Nick asked: "If we look at the fate of the Lib Dems in the polls, it would appear you have brought the magic pixie dust that you sprinkled on Change UK to the Lib Dems as well.

"They're rather flagging aren't they?"

That question left Chuka laughing, before he eventually responded: "If you compare our position now compared to the last general election campaign, we're polling twice what we were then.

"The polls have us winning or being in second place in 134 seats, so it's all to play for."