Nick Ferrari's Fiery Row With SNP MP Ends VERY Abruptly

14 October 2019, 08:23 | Updated: 14 October 2019, 08:27

Nick Ferrari hit back at this SNP MP after he was called "patronising" for simply asking for details about how Scottish independence would work.

David Linden, the MP for Glasgow East, appeared on LBC to talk up the SNP plan to pursue another Independence Referendum.

After asking if the European Union would be happy for an independent Scotland to keep the pound when joining, Nick then asked how much it would cost for Scotland to recruit an Army and Air Force.

Mr Linden responded: "Proportionately, it would be exactly the same thing we have as members of the United Kingdom on what we invest in our defence and we intend to take our defence obligation seriously. These are all things which have been outlined in the white paper before the 2014 referendum."

Nick told him: "It just seems an extraordinary amount of money to build an Air Force, a Navy and an Army."

Mr Linden was clearly frustrated by the question and said: "Well that's an incredibly patronising view to take."

But Nick hit back saying: "I'm only asking what it would cost, Mr Linden. What are the costs?"

Nick Ferrari had a fiery conversation with David Linden
Nick Ferrari had a fiery conversation with David Linden. Picture: PA / LBC

The MP said he didn't have those numbers to hand and tried to put the question back to Nick, asking him how much UK defence budget is.

Nick then told him: "I'm not a Member of Parliament and I'm not suggesting that we move England out of the United Kingdom. If I were, I would have those figures to hand.

"If you want to ask me anything about the radio industry, go ahead."

There was no answer.

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