Nick Takes Amnesty To Task Over Refugees Claim

25 July 2016, 15:09 | Updated: 1 September 2016, 15:29

Nick Ferrari took the director of Amnesty International to task after he claimed that Europe was not disproportionately affected by refugees.

A 27-year-old Syrian man was the suspected suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany, who injured 12 people outside a wine bar last night. And a Syrian refugee was arrested after a woman was stabbed to death with a machete in southern Germany.

Nick was asking: Is this the new normal in Europe now?

Steve Symonds, the UK's Refugee Programme Director for Amnesty International, told Nick that refugees are not a disproportionate problem in Europe.

And that led to a fiery row with Nick. Watch their clash above.

The disagreement started when Mr Symonds said: "Europe is not disproportionately affect by number. You look at countries like Jordan and Lebanon, who are hosting much higher numbers."

Nick interjected: "It might not be disproportionate in numbers, but it's certainly disproportionately affected by terrorism."

When Mr Symonds denied that, Nick insisted: "Hang on, until the arrival of these folk, Europe was a relatively calm continent.

"Now, either the sons of or people who come from other countries think it's a great idea to shoot people who are having a hamburger or blow themselves up at music festivals.

"You don't think that's changed the shape of Europe at all?"

The Amnesty Director claimed that it's not just a European problem, but Nick added: "I just care about Europe. If they want to go and blow themselves up in Jordan and Syria, let them go and blow themselves up all day long.

"Coming here to blow up kids in Paris, Nice, Germany and London is wrong.

"I certainly can't control the Middle East. I can at least try and control Europe."