Nigel Farage Reveals What European MEPs Say When They See Him... And What He Thinks Of Them

2 July 2019, 08:39 | Updated: 2 July 2019, 09:33

Nigel Farage gave LBC an insight into his relationship with the European MEPs as he returned once again to the EU Parliament.

The UK was supposed to have left the EU on 29th March, but following the delay on Brexit, we were forced to participate in the EU Elections and today, the newly-elected MEPs arrive in Strasbourg for the first time.

That means Mr Farage is returning to the place he never wanted to visit again.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he revealed what the other MEPs do when they see him and his Brexit Party colleagues.

Nick Ferrari spoke to Nigel Farage on his first day back in the EU Parliament
Nick Ferrari spoke to Nigel Farage on his first day back in the EU Parliament. Picture: LBC / PA

He said: "They say things. It's too early in the morning to say some of them. A lot of them question the legitimacy of my birth.

"I couldn't give a damn what they think.

"This is the biggest gravy train invented. This place is stuffed full of talentless people who've got the biggest, best job of their lives in chaffer-driven cars.

"They love it and of course they see me and this new reincarnation of the Brexit Party as the devil because we want to bring the whole temple crashing down."

Nigel believes opinion has hardened on Brexit and any second referendum would see a bigger win for Leave.

LBC was there when Nigel and his Brexit Party MEPs entered the EU Parliament in Strasbourg for the first time.

And he told LBC he had a message for the other MEPs in the EU Parliament: "They'll know we're here."