Nurse Gives Powerful Reasons Why Youngsters Should Work In The NHS

3 July 2018, 09:56 | Updated: 3 July 2018, 10:12

This is the powerful reason from Britain's top nurse why youngsters should work for the NHS.

In the week that the National Health Service celebrates its 70th birthday, they have launched a TV advert campaign to recruit thousands of new nurses.

Professor Jane Cummings told Nick Ferrari she would urge her family to go into the NHS.

She said: "To delivery the improvements in care, what we really need to do is recruit more people. We want it to be a career of choice for children at school or for people who might be thinking about a change of career."

Professor Cummings revealed that the number of nurses leaving the profession has risen over the last two years, which has led to the recruitment campaign to get people to love nursing.

On why people should go into the NHS, she said: "I have nieces and I would be happy for them to go into the NHS.

"There are 350 different careers in the NHS. There are opportunities to progress, to do different things. You can look after children, older people, mental health problems, learning difficulties.

"You can work in theatres, you can be an educator, you can be a researcher, you can be an academic. There are so many opportunities.

"But the one thing that we all do is that we make a difference to people's lives. And it's a huge privilege."