Ofsted chief reveals teaching of anti-Semitism is "under review"

6 January 2020, 12:49

The Chief Inspector of Ofsted hasn't "really looked at" it but revealed that it is under review.

Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of Ofsted, responded to Nick Ferrari's question about anti-Semitism.

He said: "We approach the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and some are suggesting more should be done in the teaching of anti-Semitism in the schools.

"Is this something, I'm sure it's something that which you're aware, do you think there needs to be more education in this particular aspect?"

Ofsted chief reveals teaching of anti-Semitism is "under review"
Ofsted chief reveals teaching of anti-Semitism is "under review". Picture: PA

Spielman replied: "It's something I haven't looked at to see how much teaching there really is at the moment, because we have, on the one hand, we have the national curriculum.

"On the other hand, we have what's actually taught and the curriculum work we've done over the last few years has shown that often there's been quite a big gap.

"A lot of stuff that ought to be being taught hasn't been.

"So the first step I'd like to take us to see if we now get to a point where the national curriculum is genuinely taught and then we can look and see if there were things that aren't sufficient covered?"

Nick Ferrari asked if it was fair to say it is "under review".

She said yes.