"You want Prince Andrew? Give us the woman who killed Harry Dunn"

28 January 2020, 07:50

This caller had a simple solution for the US: if you want Prince Andrew, then give us the woman who ran over Harry Dunn.

US prosecutors have branded Prince Andrew "uncooperative" after they requested to interview him over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

At a news conference outside Epstein's New York mansion, US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said: "To date, Prince Andrew has provided zero cooperation."

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, caller Jan had the perfect solution: "I think he should come forward to questioned.

"But equally, I think that the lady that absconded to New York and they've refused to bring her back for reckoning in England, that should be sorted as well.

"They cannot have double standards. If they want this family to not have justice, to live with the fact that he was unlawfully killed by somebody who absconded rather than face the music, then I think America can't have it both ways."

This caller compared the Prince Andrew and Harry Dunn cases
This caller compared the Prince Andrew and Harry Dunn cases. Picture: PA

Nick agreed: "They both should go. He should go there and she should come here and face the proverbial music."

The US have refused an extradition request for Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US intelligence official suspected over the crash which killed the teenager.

Harry, 19, died in a head-on crash with a car while riding his motorcycle near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire on 27th August last year. Sacoolas was charged with causing his death by dangerous driving in December.

She returned to the US and claimed diplomatic immunity after the crash - and last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected the extradition request.