Professor Gets VERY Angry With Nick Ferrari Over Corbyn Colonial Plan

11 October 2018, 09:45 | Updated: 11 October 2018, 10:00

Nick Ferrari's row with a professor over Jeremy Corbyn's plan to teach about colonialism in schools got very, very testy.

The Labour leader wants to change the National Curriculum in schools to include the topics of colonialism and Britain's history with the slave trade.

Professor Hakim Adi said colonialism was a crime and then got very angry when Nick asked him if he was against all colonialism.

Nick Ferrari made this professor very angry
Nick Ferrari made this professor very angry. Picture: LBC

Professor Adi said: "The problem is that the history of African and Caribbean people in Britain is not well-taught. The history of the African continent is not well-taught.

"The way that young people are taught history is often very narrow and they don't understand the full history of Britain and Britain's involvement in crimes against humanity like colonialism, like the trafficking of Africans for many centuries."

But when Nick asked him if colonialism was all bad - referencing it stopping the practice of Indian women being burned on the death of their husband - things got very heated.

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