The public laughed at Boris Johnson over being truthful, Nick Ferrari tells Dominic Raab

20 November 2019, 08:16 | Updated: 20 November 2019, 08:50

Nick Ferrari asked Dominic Raab why the public laughed at Boris Johnson when he said truth was important in politics.

The Foreign Secretary was speaking to LBC following the first election debate, in which audience members heckled when the Prime Minister was asked about honesty.

And Nick told Mr Raab: "They laughed at the Prime Minister.

"When it comes to truth - and there's nothing really more important than that is there - when it comes to truth, the public laugh at the Prime Minister."

But Mr Raab insisted: "No, I don't think that's true. People like to have a good snigger at all politicians. That's the nature of the age we're in. The age of deference is over, we understand that.

"But what people really want when they're in the polling booth and they're deciding where to put that X in the box, is to know who will deliver and Boris explained how he delivered in London, he was excellent in explaining how, against all the doubters, he delivered a Brexit deal.

"And of course, we set out our plans. We're very clear, we got a deal and we want to move the country forward."

Nick Ferrari grilled Dominic Raab over the election debate
Nick Ferrari grilled Dominic Raab over the election debate. Picture: PA / LBC

Nick also queried why the Conservatives rebranded an official Twitter feed to look like an independent fact-checking organisation during last night's debate.

He asked: "FactcheckUK implies that it is an independent site and clearly if it's by the Conservatives, it's not."

Mr Raab responded: "Well I don't think so, because it had CCHQ on the handle."

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