Nick Ferrari rows with caller over best way to stop migrant crossings

20 August 2020, 09:59

By Adrian Sherling

This caller told Nick Ferrari his method of stopping migrants risking their lives cross the Channel wouldn't work - but couldn't think of a better solution.

A 16-year-old boy from Sudan died trying to make it to the UK after he stole an inflatable toy boat and some shovels to try to make the perilous journey.

Nick said he backed Lord West's proposal to house any migrants who cross the English Channel on a cruise ship and give them seven days to prove their application for asylum. If they can, they come into the UK. If they can't, they are returned to France.

Peter in Wimbledon insisted there is no way those applications can be sorted in just one week.

But Nick told him: "No, they will be. You'll have a week. And if you can't understand it within a week, you'll be going back to France."

Peter was again critical of Nick's idea, so Nick asked what the caller would do instead.

When he didn't get an answer, Nick asked again. And again. And again.

Nick Ferrari rowed with caller Peter over how to stop migrants crossing the Channel
Nick Ferrari rowed with caller Peter over how to stop migrants crossing the Channel. Picture: LBC

Indeed, Peter kept on saying how Nick's plan wouldn't work, saying he was living in "cloud-cuckoo land".

So Nick told him: "No I'm not. I've living in a land where I'm not going to allow 16-year-olds to drown off Sangatte."

The conversation got very fiery. Watch it in full at the top of the page.