Royal biographer: Harry and Meghan now spend all day moaning

27 July 2020, 09:59

By Adrian Sherling

Royal biographer Tom Bower had a ruthless take on the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan, claiming they just sit around and moan all day.

Details of the royal rift that led to Harry and Meghan stepping back from royal duties have been revealed in a new book.

In Finding Freedom, the unofficial biography due to be published in August, co-authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand are expected to shed light on the couple's frustrations with the palace and press.

Nick spoke to Tom Bower, who has written his own unofficial biography about Prince Charles and asked him what Harry and Meghan do all day at the moment.

His response: "I think just sit there moaning. I think they sit there now, both of them, just getting really angry with the world and thinking it's everyone's fault.

"What can they do anyway? The idea that Meghan, this C-rated actress of a daytime soap is somehow the quality for Hollywood to pick up is ridiculous.

"If she was any good, she would have been picked up long before she met Harry, but she failed consistently to get a good part."

Tom Bower was ruthless in his description of Harry and Meghan
Tom Bower was ruthless in his description of Harry and Meghan. Picture: PA / LBC

Nick asked if Harry should have stayed in the Army and Mr Bower also gave that short thrift.

He said: "The tragedy is that Harry enjoyed himself enormously in the Army, but he wasn't bright enough to be promoted further. It's as simple as that."

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