Sage member calls for retired teachers to be 'brought back'

22 December 2020, 08:58

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

'Bring back' retired teachers is how one Sage member suggested tackling the issue of getting pupils back to schools after Christmas.

Amid a national conversation over the return of pupils to schools in England after the Christmas break a member of SAGE has said one answer could be brining back retired teachers.

Professor Susan Michie a Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at UCL and also a member of a SAGE committee.

Setting out how schools could be Covid-secure, Professor Susan Michie told LBC that schools needed to ensure social distancing.

"We need to have two metres between children, we need to have decent ventilation, we need to have a staff of pupil ratio so that children's hands can be properly sanitised."

She also added all children who were working at home needed to have access to "digital technology."

Calling for "more teachers than we have at the moment," the Professor said there were "many many teachers who have taken early retirement who would be brought back."

When Nick challenged the Sage member over their familiarity with the current curriculum she admitted the teaching "won't be perfect."

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