Nick Ferrari's Brilliant Response To Sajid Javid Calling Himself "The Saj"

4 January 2019, 08:33

Nick Ferrari believes Sajid Javid's star may be on the wane following reports that he refers to himself as "The Saj" during meetings.

Newspaper reports suggest that the Home Secretary often refers to himself in the third person, sometimes calling himself "The Saj" or "The Sajid".

And Nick suggested this may be a sign that Mr Javid, one of the favourites to replace Theresa May if she is forced out, may have peaked.

Speaking on LBC, he said: "Before I left for my Christmas break, he was one of the frontrunners, if not the frontrunner, to take over from Theresa May if she fatally succumbs to the vote in the next 10 days or so concerning Brexit. He and Jeremy Hunt were the frontrunners.

Nick Ferrari spoke of Sajid Javid's performance
Nick Ferrari spoke of Sajid Javid's performance. Picture: LBC / PA

"How do we react now where he raced back from his holiday and initially said there wasn't a crisis and now there is a crisis. Then he said he didn't want the Royal Naval vessels, now he does. Then he said he wouldn't pay for them, now he admits he will pay the £20,000.

"And of course he had to do the visit, as they all do, down to Dover in the hi-vis vest looking at people controlling ships.

"Now, there's interesting stories in the papers that he's started to refer to himself in the third person with his nickname. This is always a worrying sign. He refers to himself as 'The Saj' or 'The Sajid'.

"Reportedly, he says in meetings 'The Saj will deal with this one'.

"If ever you hear me say 'Well I don't think Nick Ferrari will be happy with that', that's the time to tap me on the shoulder and tell me to clear off."