Nick Ferrari challenges Solicitor General over migrants collected from French waters

7 June 2021, 09:01 | Updated: 7 June 2021, 09:09

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

'Why are we getting them out of French waters?':Nick Ferrari confronts Solicitor General Lucy Frazer over why Royal Navy vessels reportedly entered French waters to bring migrant boats to the UK.

The Solicitor General was asked if she saw reports at the weekend which claimed migrants attempting to cross the English Channel were reportedly picked up in French waters by the UK Border Force and taken to Dover.

The Solicitor General said the government "have a duty to look after these people."

"Hang on," Nick challenged, "they were in French waters."

"Why are we getting these people out of French waters?"

Reports suggested the move was orchestrated between senior crew members of HMC Valiant and French patrol ship Athos last Saturday, the Daily Mail reported.

In terms of recent crossings, the Home Office confirmed that the French authorities dealt with eight incidents involving 130 people on Friday, with the UK dealing with four boats involving 83 people.

This follows 201 people being stopped by Border Force officers in eight incidents on Thursday.

And the French authorities intercepted nine crossings on Wednesday and Thursday preventing 171 people from reaching the UK.

This makes a total of 585 attempting to make the crossing in just three days.