The Anti-Muslim Caller That Left Nick Ferrari With His Head In His Hands

1 December 2017, 08:19

Nick Ferrari told this caller to go and think about his comments after he compared Muslims to a bowl of poisoned sweets.

Andrew in Halifax called Nick as they were discussing Donald Trump's retweets of three videos posted by a far-right group's Deputy Leader, purporting to show crimes being committed by Muslims.

Nick said the President gained nothing from the tweets, pointing out that he hadn't offered any solutions to the problem.

Andrew suggested that's because the ideal solution, Trump's ban on travel from mainly Muslim countries, was criticised by the media. And it was when Nick asked it why innocent people should be stopped from visiting the United States that Andrew made his comment.

Nick Ferrari was left with his head in his hands
Nick Ferrari was left with his head in his hands. Picture: LBC

He said: "If there was a pick'n'mix with 1,000 sweets in and 20 of them were infected with anthrax and you were asked to put your hand in to take a handful out, would you do so?"

Nick's disgusted response: "You're talking about human beings Andrew."

Watch the moment on the video at the top of the page.