Tom Watson Says He Won't Stop Until He Drives Anti-Semites From Labour

28 February 2019, 13:24

The deputy Labour leader has vowed to call out anti-Semitism in the party until it’s “driven out”.

Tom Watson called on other shadow cabinet members to also “play their role” in having a “zero tolerance approach to racism”.

He spoke to Nick Ferrari a day after Labour MP Chris Williamson was suspended after claiming the party had been "too apologetic" over the issue.

Mr Williamson, a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, is pending an investigation, with Mr Watson among a number of MPs to have called for the action.

Tom Watson spoke to Nick Ferrari on Thursday
Tom Watson spoke to Nick Ferrari on Thursday. Picture: LBC

Speaking on Thursday, the Labour deputy said: “I’m not going to allow half a million members of my party to be tainted by racism.

“I’m going to be calling out these incidents of anti-Semitism publicly more often until everyone in the Labour party drives these people out.

“There’s an individual responsibility for us to deal with it, but there’s a collective responsibility as well.

“The Labour party shadow cabinet and the Labour party national executive committee have to play their role in having a zero tolerance approach to racism.”