Nick Ferrari Asks Tory Chairman: Why Do EU Citizens Need Settled Status?

20 August 2019, 08:26 | Updated: 20 August 2019, 08:37

Conservative chairman James Cleverly told Nick Ferrari that EU citizens will be safe int he UK after Brexit even if they haven't applied for settled status - so Nick asked what the point of it was.

Reports today state that freedom of movement will end with Europe after 31st October, but the government insists that EU citizens based in the UK will not be asked to leave.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Cleverly said: "The legal entity of freedom of movement ends when we leave the EU because that is part of the European Union agreement.

"But we've already made it clear that we value, welcome and love the people from the European Union who live, work and have families here in the UK. One million people have already signed up for the settled status scheme."

Nick Ferrari grilled James Cleverly over the settled status scheme
Nick Ferrari grilled James Cleverly over the settled status scheme. Picture: LBC / PA

Nick asked what would happen to the 2.1million EU citizens who hadn't signed up.

Mr Cleverly responded: "The process is quick and simple and urge people to do so. We want them to sign up to the settled status scheme. We are making sure that the people who live and work here in the UK are protected."

So Nick asked again: "And if they don't? If they are not signed up, will they be shipped out?"

Mr Cleverly insisted they wouldn't, so Nick asked: "If they don't have to go, why do they have to sign up? They don't need to sign up then!"

It was an awkward moment for the Conservative chairman - watch it in the video at the top of the page.