Tory MP: "Dominic Cummings must quit to preserve government's integrity"

25 May 2020, 07:58 | Updated: 25 May 2020, 08:05

By Fiona Jones

This Tory MP told Nick Ferrari that Dominic Cummings must quit to preserve the government's integrity after the "white fury" the public feel after his alleged rule-breaking.

The Prime Minister defended senior aide Dominic Cummings in Sunday's press briefing amid reports he flouted lockdown rules repeatedly.

"I hope the damage that has been done to the government, and also to our public health messaging, that penny will drop," Tory MP Simon Hoare told LBC's Nick Ferrari.

"Mr Cummings has served the Prime Minister very faithfully and very well over a considerable period of time and I hope Mr Cummings would come to the realisation that advisers really shouldn't be the story, that he has now proven to be a distraction.

"In order to preserve the integrity of the government he should tender his resignation and not seen as a debate point but submit it and leave," Mr Hoare said.

The MP for North Dorset continued: "What is being underplayed at the moment is the white fury that colleagues and I are hearing and seeing in our inboxes about people who have not followed their human instincts of family linkages and relationships.

"And have knuckled down and done the right thing, followed the rules to the letter, because that's what the government was asking them to do."

He told Nick that the sentiment across his constituency is people now feel "foolish" and like they have "been played" which is a "very unpleasant feeling for people to have."

He said he's heard many heartbreaking stories and people haven't gone to funerals, haven't said goodbye to loved ones.

"Everyone has averted natural instincts of family bonds in order to protect their health, save lives and protect the NHS. I think they're feeling very annoyed," Tory MP said.

Mr Hoare pointed out that were the data to U-turn, and the UK's infection rate was to rise again, there would be "huge kickback" from the public if the Prime Minister reintroduced stricter lockdown measures after his defence of Mr Cummings.