Tough on terror? Expert reveals how easy it is to fool a lie detector test

21 January 2020, 08:51

This military man told Nick Ferrari is takes just one day to learn how to beat a lie detector test.

Under new government proposals, terrorists could have to take a polygraph test to prove they've reformed and are not planning to carry out another attack.

The plan is to avoid mistakes such as the release of Usman Khan, who went on to carry out a terror attack in London Bridge.

Craig has had a lot of training for the Armed Forces and explained how easy it is to fool a lie detector.

Nick Ferrari heard how easy it is to fool lie detector tests
Nick Ferrari heard how easy it is to fool lie detector tests. Picture: Getty / LBC

He told LBC: "I trained with the British Army and went through numerous programmes for training and one of them was anti-interrogation.

"I'm not saying that every single person could pass a lie detector test, but the actual theory of passing it is pretty simple.

"We went through a course on how to regulate your breathing, how to think about the correct answer but answer with the wrong answer.

"And for someone to say that a person has passed a lie detector test and he's completely reformed, it is crazy to me."

Craig explained that it look just one day of training to be in a position to fool the machine.

He revealed: "You can at least give it an unreadable result. Anyone who has a minimal amount of intelligence would be able to do it within a 24-hour period."