Ukip Leader Says Britain Has A Problem With Creeping Islamisation

3 January 2018, 08:32 | Updated: 3 January 2018, 10:21

Ukip leader Henry Bolton told LBC that Britain has a problem with "creeping Islamisation".

Responding to a question from caller Gina, he said that people who come to this country should want to be British, not bring another culture to the country.

Referring to his work with the world's largest security organisation, he said: "One of the things it tries to deal with is preventing change in communities from happening too rapidly.

"It unsettles populations and communities and it makes them feel insecure if change happens too rapidly within those communities. And that creates a security problem because people are fearful of change."

Henry Bolton spoke to Nick Ferrari live on LBC
Henry Bolton spoke to Nick Ferrari live on LBC. Picture: LBC

When Nick Ferrari asked him if he thinks there is a creeping Islamisation, he responded: "I think there is. There's been a failure of government to ensure that people who come to this country and get a British passport actually buy into this idea of what that means.

"We need to improve the language skills, we need to improve the understanding of how British society works.

"And also, we need to work out how to get people to buy in to 'I'm going to Britain because I want to be British', not because they want to be something else in Britain."

Nick pointed out that Islam is a faith, not a nationality. Mr Bolton said: "Correct, absolutely agree.

"But it's got a deep impact on the society that pursues that religion and it can dominate."

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