Ukip Youth Leader Tells Henry Bolton To Quit Now

12 February 2018, 13:42

The leader of a youth wing of Ukip called on Henry Bolton to resign as leader, saying he is dragging the party down.

Rhys called LBC during a phone-in with Mr Bolton to complain that his leadership has not been good enough.

And he said that Mr Bolton's decision to raise the youth joining fee by 900% would destroy the party.

Rhys had very strong words for Henry Bolton
Rhys had very strong words for Henry Bolton. Picture: LBC

Rhys said: "I don't care what happened with Jo [Marney] because I think everyone has a right to a private life.

"What I do care about is the 900% fee increase for young members.

"What I do care about is the lack of action on the two campaigns you've launched as leader - Save Our Services and Out Now. I've not heard anything since the launch of either campaign.

"What I do care about is the fact that our three best branches have fallen apart. In Thurrock, every councillor has quit the party and are serving as an independent. Hartlepool - all of our candidates for the upcoming election are now independent.

"And then Thanet is divided in two. First of all you said you wouldn't intervene. Then you intervened. And now we've got half our our councillors defecting and it's looking like we're losing our only local government.

"I don't care what happened in your private life, but your leadership of Ukip frankly isn't good enough."