"What Are You Doing On Valentine's Day?" Henry Bolton's Agonising Answer

12 February 2018, 10:26 | Updated: 12 February 2018, 10:48

This is Henry Bolton's agonising answer when Nick Ferrari asked him what he is doing for Valentine's Day this Wednesday.

The Ukip leader faces a vote of no confidence at Ukip's EGM on Saturday after Ukip's ruling body decided he had lost the support of the party following his relationship with Jo Marney.

Mr Bolton's romance with Ms Marney proved short-lived after she sent a series of racist and offensive tweets.

And when he spoke to LBC this morning, Nick Ferrari couldn't help but ask what he had planned for the most romantic day of the year.

After laughing at the question, Mr Bolton asked to move on, but Nick was insisting on an answer.

Nick Ferrari asked Henry Bolton of his plans for Valentine's Day
Nick Ferrari asked Henry Bolton of his plans for Valentine's Day. Picture: LBC

Nick Ferrari: What have you got planned on Wednesday?

Henry Bolton: Erm... what's the day today? Monday is it. It's been a whirlwind...

Nick Ferrari: It's Valentine's Night on Wednesday. What do you have planned for Valentine's, Mr Bolton?

Henry Bolton: [Laughs]

Nick Ferrari: You must have something special.

Henry Bolton: [Laughs] Oh, possibly.

Nick Ferrari: What?

Henry Bolton: Come on, let's move on from that.

Nick Ferrari: You were asked yesterday, are you still in love with this lady. Are you?

Henry Bolton: Let's move on from that, Nick. Come on.

Nick Ferrari: In the spirit of love, with and Valentine's Day almost around the corner, are you still in the love with the young lady?

Henry Bolton: Nick, these things are private matters and I'm going to move on from that.

Nick Ferrari: It's just a yes or no, isn't it?

Henry Bolton: [Laughs] She might get a card from me.

Nick Ferrari: Alright, thank you.