What President Trump REALLY Thinks About Theresa May

27 April 2018, 09:36

Britain considers the US to be one of our closest allies. David Cameron described it as the "special relationship". But this expert told LBC what Donald Trump really thinks of Theresa May.

Anne Applebaum, a columnist for the Washington Post, suggested that the President is not a fan of female leaders - and doesn't really think about the Prime Minister at all.

That will be a blow to Mrs May, who is keen to build a relationship with Mr Trump when he visits the UK on 13th July.

Theresa May and Donald Trump
Theresa May and Donald Trump. Picture: PA

Ms Applebaum told LBC: "He was very glad she came to see him and held his hand.

"He was very angry when she said something mildly critical and he attacked her very loudly on Twitter.

"He doesn't really like women leaders. He doesn't like Angela Merkel, he doesn't like talking to powerful women, so that's probably a strike against her.

"Other than that, he hasn't thought much about her."