Nick Ferrari: 'Why should my listeners have any faith in you and your colleagues?'

21 January 2021, 08:21

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the moment Nick Ferrari grilled Education Secretary Gavin Williamson asking why the public should trust the Government after a series of u-turns.

Listing a series of Government u-turns over education during the coronavirus pandemic Nick Ferrari ended up asking the Minister one simple question.

Nick started by setting out some of the issues where pledges made by Ministers had not been kept.

"The assurance that the exams would go ahead was wrong, the assurance that all pupils would be returning was wrong.

"Why should my listeners have any faith in you and your colleagues?"

When Mr Williamson replied talking about the global situation with coronavirus Nick pressed him, asking him to focus on Westminster and the promises made by the Government.

"These are like Mary Poppins, pie crust promises. Easy to make and easy to break."

The Education Secretary responded by saying the last thing he ever wanted to see was the closure of schools for a second time.

But he explained the decision was made in the "national interest" due to the spread of the new variant of coronavirus.

He said the Government wanted to "protect education" adding this was why "schools were the last to close."

Mr Williamson also pledged that schools would be "the first to open."

Watch the whole interesting and informative discussion in the video at the top of the page.